Monday, November 22, 2010

Watch Out Betty Crocker, Tina's Back

Tina has returned.  Tina the Cook that is, so you better watch out Betty Crocker.  What?!
When I was 4 years old I gave myself a chef name. Yes, you heard that right, a chef name. Don't ask me why I thought chef's had different names then their own, but I did and I called myself "Tina the Cook."  I made all sorts of concoctions in my Fischer-Price kitchen while I was watched Julia Child (PS this is before the days of Food Network).  Check out more of my love of cooking in this old post here.
Growing up I wanted to be a cook. And because of that, my family still calls me Tina whenever I am in the kitchen.  I always enjoyed cooking, but I am the sort that can get easily distracted.   Distracted by the time it takes to live your life and how much time it seems to take to prepare a home-cooked meal.
Over the last few months I have made some goals to eat out less, eat healthier and as a result I am getting bored of my typical quick meals (pasta and marinara sauce).  So I have been baking, cooking and creating delectable dishes.
Here are the recipes I have tested with varying degrees of success.

  • Chipotle Pumpkin Soup - Savoury.  And that is coming from a not so big into pumpkin fan.  The recipe tells you to add thinned sour cream (thinned with water), but I didn't want to, even though it made a really pretty design.  I helped myself to an excitingly large dollop of sour creamy goodness.  I have a slight sour cream addiction.
  • Smoky Chipotle and Black Bean Dip - Immediately, following preparations for the soup I realized I had a small, but surprisingly large amount of leftover chipotles.  I quickly searched my trusty recipe tool (the internet) and found this snappy dip.
  • Hazlenut Cookie Sandwiches - Maybe it was in the conversion, but these cookies which I was so desirous to share with friends didn't turn out.  I now have a large stash of Nutella (I couldn't just buy one container) which is begging for a new recipe.  Any ideas?
  • Apple Nachos - Fun and yummy.  I didn't have an apple corer and so we just did chunks, but still scrumptious.  This snack made me feel like I was a kid. 
  • Mini Quiches from Martha -  I felt so sophisticated when I made these.  Mini quiches are so sophisticated.   And really easy to ad-lib.  Oh and by the way, Martha and I are on first name basis.
  • Red Thai Curry - I can't find the link to the recipe that I used, but I am perfectly ok with that.  I checked and double checked the recipe, but there is no operator-error reason for why it was just so bland.  I am sure I will be attempting this again, but with a full arsenal of spices and curry powders.
  • Cranberry Creme Scones - I'm in the mood for scones what can I say.  These were the ones I wanted to make for my Dad's birthday, but my sister vetoed saying that there were more my Mom.  Which is very true.  My Mom actually asked for the recipe as soon as she heard the name.  These were perfection.  I even busted out my secret stash of vanilla beans (the real stuff people) to make the glaze extra special.  I recommend not skimping on the glaze.  I may have dunked my scone once or twice in the sugary liquid.


Brunette said...

I dreamed about your scones last night.... hmmm scones

Red said...

lucky for you i'm making them again tonight.