Friday, November 5, 2010

In the Kitchen with Found on Etsy

Growing up my mom always had the latest Country Living or Better Homes & Gardens on the coffee table. We had drawers and drawers of the old editions in an antique dresser (a perfect item for the pages of either magazine btw). So when I wanted some new ideas for just about everything, I signed up for the Country Living and BH&G online daily newsletter. Stay with me, I promise this has to do with Etsy. Now every day I get these lovely newsletters bulging with links to a bazillion holiday ideas, decorating tips, craft projects and delicious RECIPES. Come in Etsy and this week's theme "In the Kitchen." I haven't had a lot of time to cook because I have school every night. So I am dedicating my weekend (OK well not all of it) to trying out all the great recipes (OK not all of them) I have been putting on my list over the last few weeks. And I'm dedicating this Found on Etsy to all the wonderful tools, gadgets and just cute stuff for the kitchen.

  1. Pink Pots
  2. Vintage Kitchen Scale
  3. Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart
  4. Colorful Apron
  5. Hand Mixer Tea Towels
  6. Wood Magnet Knife Holder Thingy
  7. Vintage Mixing Bowls
  8. Lace Cake Plates
  9. Painted Plate Set
  10. Oak Salt Shaker & Pepper Mill

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