Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do you want some toast?

It seems that toast is gaining popularity lately. Of course I don't mind, I love toast. And I'm glad that people everywhere are finally giving toast its due notability. Enjoy a post of toasty paraphernalia.

1. Toasted Notes. You can buy them here.

2. Design*Sponge is having a font contest and Ben Parsons created his alphabet with some toast. You can vote for him here.

3. Themed bandages are always exciting.
How about some toast at the neatorama shop?

4. Puns + Toast= A feast for the soul.
Download this free greeting card from olliegraphic.

5. A toasty music video from OK Go. OK Go has a history of excellent videos.
My personal favorite is here, but it has nothing to do with toast.


Brunette said...

Mwha ha ha, I think credit should be given to the male who inspired this post. If anything, he gave us toast.

Red said...

TOAST! Yes, he should be thanked. I only stopped laughing when I watched the Ok GO video.
But seriously Last Leaf is my favorite song from their new album. I was working on learning it, but you know my guitar skills are lacking.