Friday, November 19, 2010

Etsy Shoes?! Yep found them

Yes, you get double duty from Red today.  Aren't you lucky.  I was just so in love with the Pantone stuff not to share it immediately.
Our friend over at The Shoeologist is looking for guest bloggers.  And even though I didn't apply for the job, despite my recent love for delicious heels, I thought, "Does Etsy have shoes?"  Well, yes, yes they do.  I found them in all their handmade/homemade glory.  And if you happen to be looking for something to buy me for Xmas I'm a size 8 and I'd take #3, #5, #7 or #8.

  1. A little extra cuteness for moccasins
  2. For tall leggy blondes gladiator leather sandals
  3. Rope never looked so good (on a foot that is) infinity sandals
  4. Pretty birdie hand painted vans
  5. If you love me you will get me these crocheted felted slippers
  6. Part of me (a big part) really loves these crazy vintage boots
  7. Deliciously divine Eco-friendly leather flats
  8. I love these designs of fiep custom made women shoes
  9. Show off a little toe cleavage keyhole flat
  10. Hipsters will love these modern moccasins

1 comment:

heidikins said...

I had no idea Etsy had shoes--I am loving those slippers in #5!


(PS Thanks for the shout-out!)