Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gasp! Penquin has done it again.

Blonde and I share a mutual love for classic literature. So when Penquin Books came out with their classic books recovered in an adorable and ultra modern foil imprinted/cloth bound versions we were in deep swoon.

Graphic and simple, fresh and contemporary, these books were designed by UK based Coralie Bickford-Smith and had me musing, "why didn't I think of that"? That's when you know you have found something good.  Her F. Scott Fitzgerald books are not just good though... they are so great.

Metallics.  Oh how I love metallics.

Coincidentally, after our discovery, Blonde and I purchased the EXACT same book for each other for Christmas. Now that's what I call good fortune.

The gifted gem

Anyways, like I said, Penquin has gone and done it again. Found via Anthropologie, these new versions of children's classics have me squirming in my soft cushy computer chair in anticipation. I just want to buy every last one and line them up on a shelf with a fancy little bookend and gaze at them while I go to sleep.

Not sure if they are the same designer though. Anyone else know? Still-utterly delightful.



Adam said...

those are neat. i also enjoy penguin ties.

Blonde said...

These are amazing amazing. I sooo want them all.

Jake said...

Does my heart good to see beautifully designed and executed books like these.