Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Concert Roundup + Sufjan is amazing

Did anyone else hit up Sufjan's concert Monday night? Did anyone else have a brain explosion with all the awesomeness that ensued? I am still reeling from it. Favorites of the night for me were Vesuvius, Chicago (yea, ya gotta admit it) and of course, without saying, the 30 min epic-ness of Impossible Soul. Sigh...

Alright with that said, here we are with another slew of delicious tunage for November's viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you November. I've been reluctant to let go of October and Halloween seeing as last month's concert roundup was nothing short of bliss but alas...if there is turkey involved I will make my way happily into November.

Kate Nash In The Venue November 5th 6:30 PM $10

All the way from the UK comes Kate Nash the teenage sensation that wowed those Brits with her folk ballads clear back in 2007. Now she is grown up (along with her language) and traveling the world.

In honor of the recent holiday

Reel Big Fish vs The Aquabats In the Venue November 9th
6:30 PM $22.50

Just in case you didn't get enough ska-punk in the 90s, Reel Big Fish are back to let us all relish in the post No-Doubt/Sublime apocalypse.

November 17th 7 PM $20/$25 day of

She won't write you a love song but she will write lots and lots and lots of piano infused tunes worth of a pop-filled afternoon. Honestly I will probably go for Holly Conlan mostly. I dig her stuff.

Brandon Flowers The Depot November 17th 8 PM $25/$30 day of

Headman to The Killers, Brandon's solo venture Flamingo is a slightly Micheal Buble-y version of his former band's tunes. A cross maybe between Buble and U2... not always my cup of tea but I enjoyed streaming the album nonetheless.

DJ Shadow The Depot November 23rd 9 PM $30

Credited with starting the instrumental hip-hop movement, this DJ was made for dancing, or in my case for working out to. But at 30 bones, I might not make it this year... I mean he is good but not Sufjan good :)

Freelance Whales Kilby Court November 27th 7 PM $12

Introduced to me earlier this year, Freelance Whales is just what I need on a cold November day. Banjo, maybe some accordian, and of course warm and toasty well composed songs. Groove to their debut LP Weathervanes before the show. I dig Hannah and Broken Horse.

Anything I missed?


Tracy said...

Might I also recommend:

Tim Kasher, lead singer of Cursive, now has a solo album out along with a solo tour to support it. Will be at Urban Lounge TONIGHT!

Mayer Hawthorne & The County at Urban Lounge on Friday (11/5) if Kate Nash isn't your thing, or if you want a concert night extravaganza. Mayer Hawthorne live is exponentially better than Mayer Hawthorne recorded, so very worth your while.

For any hip-hop fans out there, Ghostface Killah at Urban Lounge on Monday 11/8.

The Hold Steady put out a pretty solid album this year, they come to the worst-named Venue ever on 11/18.

And, it maybe is on a Sunday =( but my beloved Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos come to Urban Lounge on 11/21. Check out the track "As Tall As Cliffs" if you haven't heard them. You will love.

Brunette said...

hmm, yea I wasn't a huge fan of Mayer Hawthornes album but I might have to check out live and in the flesh...

Someone just gave me Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, but I have yet to listen.
Thx T!

Red said...

I just swore off concerts for at least a month and now you have me ready to hand over all my $$ in convenience fees. Dang you November and your good shows.

tara said...

I'd give an appendage to be in UT for all that concert awesomeness. Oh and to have money as well.

Red said...

oh and don't forget THE HEAVY, Nov 9th @ In the Venue