Friday, November 12, 2010

Give a Hoot for Etsy

With 46,554 Etsy results for the word "Owl" and 4,674 results for the word "Hoot" you can see I had a lot of Etsy window shopping to do today.  But I love you guys so much I willing sacrificed all to take on this difficult task.  Alright, I really didn't go through all 50,000 results, but I did check out a good portion to find some of my favorite Owl homemade goodness Etsy has to offer. 

Seriously, I think I have a thing for jewelry, because I fell in love with so many cute earrings and necklaces, rings and bracelets, but to give you a variety I only put one in my list.  Too bad I couldn't resist all the great t-shirts.

  1. Rest your head
  2. Rocking Owl
  3. Too small for me, but so cute
  4. Simply White
  5. Pretty Pink Case
  6. Booties of the feet kind
  7. Owl Necklace
  8. Sophisticated Owl
Let me know if you have an idea for Etsy's Friday Finds.  I'll do my research (shopping) and get back with you with some Etsy lovin'.

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