Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chicken Coop

It seems having your own chickens is the new trend around Salt Lake City, but can you blame people, I saw Food Inc. The SLC is also making it easier to raise chickens within city limits by reducing the regulations on these feathery friends.  What a cool city we live in. 
I wasn't completely sold on the idea (visions of nasty chicken coops and stepping in chicken poop dancing through my head).  Then I saw this chicken coop. Now the idea of having fresh eggs everyday is a little more appealing.  Dwell always come to the rescue.  They posted this article about the beautiful coop and now I am sharing it with you, along with my plea that we convince my landlord to let us build one of these beauts. 

Architects Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin

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Blonde said...

Yeah, too bad we don't have a yard either.