Thursday, November 4, 2010

Local Artist: Jared Lindsay Clark

We here at BBR are fascinated with all things Art and Music and thought it a good idea to interview the local talent around these parts, because frankly... we have some freakishly talented people around here.  To start us off we asked our friend, sculpture, and installation artist (also the man we call whenever we need anything off a ridiculously high shelf) Jared Lindsay Clark if he would answer a few questions and get the ball rolling...

You can find Jared's work at

Where do you draw the most inspiration?
A. my inspiration really thrives when i'm trapped. like a math class - forced to sit in a room with people listening to a speaker and the subject repells me. my brain, frightened, runs to the back of my inner skull and yells back to the front of the cranium for my eyes to look down, he then reroutes the stuff hitting his left side through the ears and focuses his right side through my hand onto paper. doodling now begun (and without the option of getting distracted by the internet or project runway) i start to draw nonsense. but, sometimes, it is a fertile situation to develop ideas and dreams. now that i'm out of school i need defensive driving classes and airplane window seats to get my fix.

B. airplane rides also inspire me with the way our 3D planet flattens into geometric abstraction from above.
C. going to artshows inspires me. great artshows (like the ones i just saw in new york last week) really get my ideas flowing. bad artshows also inspire me.

D. Thriftstores, dollar stores, the toy/stationary aisle in the grocery store, and plastic stores.
E. "Forget yourself and go to work". Just working in the studio generates inspiration. Solutions and new ideas start to the flow when i'm involved in actually getting my hands dirty past the dreaming stage.

Tell us about how your installation work evolves.
Natural Selection

What are your go-to tools? What does an average day
in the life of Jared Lindsey Clark look like?
please, its lindsAy   (Whoops, my bad..)

How do you keep the creativity flowing?
What happens when you have a block?
I don't have many blocks on creativity - my problem is usually that i interrupt the flow of creativity by sporadic effort in carrying out my ideas...aka Laziness. 

Jared's studio space

but i did have a recent sort of block for my last show that i just came back from in new york. the problem was that it was a group show with the theme of Dungeons & Dragons (yes, believe it), so i had to bend my ideas and work to fit the subject. the thing that finally worked was just assigning myself to go to the studio twice a day and i started playing with the objects i had collected instead of trying to figure it out at home in the doodling and dreaming stage. that's where the 'inspiration born of working' came in. i also went out to thrift stores, found a key piece in Ogden Savers and on a trip to new york found some plastic diamonds that added the pieces i was missing to make some sculptures i was satisfied with. it was my "make it work" moment. i wish Tim could have shared it with me.

What are some of your favorite projects you've produced?
My favorite project is the project that is still in the realm of fantasy.
once its made and/or shown it is no longer a favorite.

Who do you look up to most in the creative world?
I would say that my artist mentors in school - both BYU and VCU - i look up to.
I've also noticed that when it comes to famous artists who inspire me i've been really drawn to some amazing female artists. i think in an artworld historically dominated by male art, women have brought really mind blowing solutions and sensibilities to the arena of installation. its sexist to say, but i think there has been something to the gender point of view in abstract sculpture and installation - with art you wouldn't really call feminist at all. Jessica Stockholder, Tara Donovan, Sarah Sze, Polly Apfelbaum, Eva Hesse, Judy Pfaff, Anne Hamilton, Margret Blondall.

Other than art and sculpture what else would you say defines you?
My faith. My relationships. My mom.

If you could share a cup of cocoa with any person who would it be?

Who are your favorite bands?
i collect cassette tapes so i'm usually listening to older music. this year in the studio so far i've listened to over and over Hall & Oates, New Order, and OMD - and i declared my summer band 2010 to be Rush. i did branch out recently and buy a couple CDs too (even buying CDs sounds old now - i've never owned an ipod or other mp3 player) for the studio while working on the New York show: the Black Keys, "Brothers" and the Arcade Fire, "Funeral". Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Jets to Brazil, Ben Kweller, Explosions in the Sky, the Weakerthans, Television, Neil Young, Run DMC, Jackson 5, Depeche Mode, Dan Bern, Bob Dylan and J5 have been important in my studio.

Where can we find you?
the rest of this year and into January i will be a studio hermit in sugarhouse working on four more shows. three of those will be here in Utah so you can come find me at those too, or look at them while i'm not there - that's also allowed. I will also be DJ-ing with cassette tapes for the November show that is taking place in my studio building.

Thanks Jared, keep up the good work!

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