Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watch Get Low

Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek, Bill Cobbs and Lucas Black are a perfect combination in the movie Get Low. Bill Murray has always been a favorite of mine. Got to love the man for his classic roles in Ghostbusters and Caddyshack (who could forget the Baby Ruth scene). In recent years Murray has been choosing more dramatic roles. His natural comedic timing adds depth to these roles which I think might be better than either style solo (drama vs comedy). But enough about how great Murray is, just watch Zombieland and you will see I am not the only one in love.
Things I loved about this movie. The story. A crazy hermit (Duvall) wants to throw a funeral party for himself while he is still alive so he can attend. His reputation as a man who would kill you for stepping on his property makes for an interesting dynamic of character interactions as you discover more about his history, why he has been hiding in the woods for 40 years and try to get people to actually attend the funeral party.
The costume and set designs are fabulous and complement the story. I love the very natural look and brown tones which transport you to a depressiony time and a wintry season. The natural style lighting feeds into an icy yet somehow inviting story of a man who is relinquishing old demons.
The acting is great especially from Lucas Black who plays Buddy, the funeral home assistant. His performance is the most memorable of the movie (this doesn't mean I don't love Murray...that love is strong).
I was a little disappointed by the climax of the movie. I didn't feel that the directing played up to the anticipation of the audience. Even with that said, I'd still recommend it because seriously Bill Murray is awesome (I might have a little crush). Get Low gets 2 thumbs up, 4.8 Stars, and whatever other scale you want to use, it gets high marks.

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Adam said...

yeah, ok. i wanted to see this but then i forgot about it. thanks for reminding me. i'd definitely marry bill murray if it wouldn't cause a scandal.