Friday, December 31, 2010

End of year excuses

Hey, remember Christmas letters that most people send out? To tell you of all the great things that have been happening in their lives that year? And you know how some people have good intentions and then it never gets done? So they throw up their hands and say "uh, maybe I'll write one next year."We're those people. Sorry folks, we really thought about writing a Christmas letter. Especially since our letter last year was so much fun to write. This year we got caught up in all the Christmas cheer and completely put off writing a Christmas letter.

You'll forgive us though, right?

2010 Highlights for Blonde
Ice climbing for the first time. The Icicle in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

A few races this year: Canyonlands Half-Marathon, Teton Dam Half-Marathon,

And a little jaunt across the pond.

Red's Top Happenings for 2010

First time ice climbing

I started the year off in the best way I know how, outdoor adventure. I learned to ice climbing and took a couple weekend trips because I have "keeping up with the blonde" syndrome.

First time mountain biking
Purchased a mountain bike and spent the spring and summer on the trails, until...

First ER visit for myself
I took a nasty little tumble in Moab and spent an hour or two in the Moab hospital getting ex-rays and finding out my knees were banged, but not broken.

Check Out Other Stuff I did in 2010
  • Second trip to GermanyUs Reds got together for a little family reunion in Germany. Read more here.
  • A myriad of concertsFrom Brandi Carlile at my favorite venue, Ingrid Michaelson and Dave Matthews Band, I really love the stack of ticket stubs I collected this year.
Brunette: Um, Brunette didn't write anything here. Not that she didn't do anything—she just didn't write about it.

2010 Altogether Now:

Our first yurt adventure. Loved it.

Watched Lord of the Rings on a cardboard TV.

Our fondness for Goblin Valley, Utah.

Have a great 2011. Love, the Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead

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