Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pillow Talk

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. What did Santa bring you? I got a rice cooker. It is pretty sweet and it makes delicious rice...yum.

So today I wanted to share some pillow talk. No, I'm not talking about the classic Rock Hudson, Doris Day movie (but I do love that movie). I'm talking pillows. Beautiful, fun, decorative pillows.
I don't make my bed very often. I'm not one of those "I'm just going to get back into it" types of people, it is simply that I am always running late in the morning. Making my bed falls somewhere down the list below eating breakfast and folding my towel which almost never happens. Even if it my bed is not made very often, I do enjoy a crisp freshly made bed with all the pillows to put me in girly heaven.
Check out these lovelys which will hopefully put you in a similar heaven (maybe not girly if you are a gentleman).

Find your state at Always Fits via Design Mom

Shop Dirtsa has the cutest pillows.
Check out the color blindness and scrabble pillows

Loves these pillows from Third Drawer Down Which you can see if you stay here

The "i" is my favorite part of this pillow from Pillow Factory

Throw away boring white pillow cases and get these Urban Outfitters pillows


Blonde said...

It's too bad that Utah is kind of a boring state shape for a pillow.

Red said...

culture is attracted to squiggles...sorry wyoming.