Friday, December 3, 2010

Feed Me Etsy

I'm sorry there was no Etsy love last week.  I was out shopping Black Friday and just assumed you were as well.  But I'm back this week with another interesting Etsy find.  Didn't know there were shoes on Etsy, well check out the FOOD.  I'm telling you Etsy has everything homemade including your grandma's mint jelly.

  1. #1 for a reason. Chocolate dipped Oreos got nothing on these Twinkies
  2. Make your own tea with this array of Tea Spices
  3. Yum Cranberry Apple Butter
  4. These are so beautiful, sandwich cookies
  5. The Sucker says it all
  6. My favorite ice cream in a holiday treat Rocky Road
  7. Blackberry Verbena
  8. Don't ask, but it looked interesting Jezebel Sauce

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