Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

The most anticipated film of the year for us here at BBR was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We are all vivacious fans. Though the movie has been in theaters for 2 weeks and you have probably already seen it (being stalwart HP fans yourselves) here is what we thought:

Blonde: I really really liked it. And that’s saying something. I do not give high praise to most movies I watch and I really don’t give good marks to Harry Potter movies that do not follow my beloved books. Back in 2004 I was so excited for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that I reread the third book right before the movie came out. This was a big mistake as they did not follow the book at all. I was bitterly disappointed and have been holding a grudge ever since. Well, I did not make the same mistake with book number seven—I read it but one time and that was years ago at its release. So, with the not-so-clear memory of the book in my mind I was able to thoroughly enjoy the movie. It was dark and scary and I jumped in more places than most people do. But, it also lightened the mood when it was getting too intense with Ron’s and Luna’s humor. I was particularly impressed with the portrayal of the story of the Deathly Hallows, the spindly illustrations were whimsical yet sinister and ominous. And as for keeping to the book, I felt it did very well. There were a few places where it looked like the scenes came right from my imagination, so I knew they must have followed the descriptions carefully. Well done. I may change my tune once I read the book again, but for now you fooled me.

Red: I love pretty much all movies. Blonde may be convinced my movie opinions are not to be trusted for that very fact. Our varying movie lovingness can cause difficulty at the redbox. Anyway, needless to say I loved HP #7 Pt 1 (like all my abbreviations?).
I took my folks to see the movie and that was entertaining. My dad has never read any of the Harry Potter books and probably only seen one of the movies. To better illustrate what this means, on the drive home he asked "So why are they trying to kill Harry Potter?" Classic Dad. This is why I love you. The parents also added for those awkward moments when you feel like you just got busted watching a naughty movie (they only walk in on the bad scenes). The scene where Ginny asks Harry to zip up her dress and the Harry/Hermione non-clothing make-out were just such scenes. But I'm a big girl and only blushed a little.
I, like Blonde didn't read book seven anywhere near the release of the movie (and with my mind the way it is) I didn't have any problems with possible book/movie conflicts. I was delighted by Ron (he seriously cracks me up and we have a connection...the red hair), the set design (I love the Weasley home in the wheat field), and of course the story (which had me hiding tears from my parents).
Now I need to only wait 226 days for Pt 2.

Brunette: Well it looks like it is three thumbs up here at BBR. I, along with my fair and flaming haired roommates, thoroughly enjoyed HP #7 Part 1. It was dark and twisted and just as dreadfully slow as the book, and if you know me I love slow and dark. Not so much twisted though, but I can forgive that part. I like to watch characters simmer and stew and enjoy seeing lots and lots of character building. There were some plot holes but for avid HP fans, we know what is going on. Although Blonde is usually the jumpy one of the bunch, in this movie I felt like I was suddenly in her shoes whilst suffering through the scary scenes. Seriously does Voldemort just keep getting creepier? And that snake...shudder. More than once my handsome male movie mate was attacked mercilessly by my flailing limbs and screams of terror. (ahh alluring alliteration...) He graciously took the brunt of my fear, and acted as the kind gentlemen. Gosh I must be getting soft in my old age. Anyways, like the other two I also had not read the book in quite some time and found that to be a successful avenue of novel to movie watching bliss. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. 5 stars. Golden cup of awesome. Whatever, you get it.

Now go see it.

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