Friday, October 8, 2010

Dirty Dashing

We found out about the Dirty Dash through word of mouth and then proceeded to further investigate by means of googling. We found the website and we were hooked, so Red and I and a few friends (and also tons of other people, over 4,000 I believe) signed up to run in this obstacle course 10K. And it was everything that the Dirty Dash creators claimed it would be. It was hard, it was fun, and it was dirty.

The Salt Lake edition (there’s also one in Boise, ID) of the Dirty Dash was held on September 25, 2010 at Soldier Hollow, a cross-country ski resort in Heber Valley. There are 9 obstacles in the 6.2 mile course and between each obstacle are a lot of rolling hills.* The obstacles were really fun—in fact, I didn’t even notice the energy I was exerting whilst maneuvering these structural impediments.

You start by running up a very muddy hill and as silly as this may be, I really couldn’t stop laughing. I was laughing and running up a muddy hill. Next we braved a hurricane, leapt over numerous hay bales, and crawled through long drainage pipes.

The next obstacle was one of my favorites: a series of walls to climb over. This was made even more difficult because of the mud pit that surrounded all of the walls. Your feet would sink up to your ankles and then you’d try to jump to hoist yourself over the wall. Just imagine that right now. Yeah, it was tricky, but yet again I was laughing the whole time.

More hills, and more hills and then our way was littered with old tires and those are a lot harder than they look on TV. More hills and a muddy pasture that reminded me and my running buddies of the muddy field that Anne of Green Gables tries to scare her cow out of.

After the largest and hardest hill was the crowning point of our obstacle course fun: the largest slip n' slide in the world. Much fun and more laughing was had.

We ran down the rest of the hill to the mud pit and crawled our way to the finish in our muddy muddy glory. I have never had so much fun at a race. I’m most definitely signing up next year—and you should too.

*Living in Utah and running on hills for years does not make you immune to hating hills—and these hills were very hateworthy. When I said it was hard, this was the hard part, 6.2 miles of steep ups and downs of hills. But, let’s not let this small fact overshadow the fun and dirty part of the description.

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