Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time for cheer. I suggest you watch these Christmas Music Video Gems* for a little Christmas cheer on this snowy day.

As an impressionable teen growing up in the 90s, I too was enamored with N'Sync. Reminisce here at how much you wanted to snuggle with Justin Timberlake in that amazing sweater (I know you did).

But the 90s were not the only decade to produce amazing quality Christmas Music Videos, No! I submit that the 80s were far better at it. The 80s gave us Wham! and "Last Christmas."

And if you were an impressionable teen growing up in the 90s in Russia (which I was not) you would have enjoyed this pretty little number. Thank you internet for bringing this American the joys that your country produced.

Merry Christmas!

*All this Christmas cheer comes from nostalgia. Ah the memories of my youth. I looked for more recent Christmas cheer, but I couldn't find anything that didn't make me cringe. Yep, I'ma gettin' old. The young whipper-snappers can't turn out anything Christmasey that pleases me.

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incubusdrives said...

You forgot to mention in the Nsync one that Gare Coleman was in it! That makes it like 10 times better. You know cause he is dead. Not from my cooking though