Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ingrid Michealson Covers REM

Ingrid Michaelson never disappoints. Brunette and I were able to be part of the lucky few (sort of few, it was a sold out show) at In the Venue Wednesday night in our lovely SLC.  Ingrid is one of my favorite artists.  Her shows are always awesome and her 2010 show was no different.  Among all her magical moments of wit, funny charm, and stunning vocals she mesmerized us with a cover of the REM song "Nightswimming."  She preformed it originally for an REM tribute concert.  Check out the performance below (this is neither the SLC concert nor the tribute performance, but it is the song as it was preformed Wednesday night).  We love you Ingrid and so does Leann Rimes.


AmyLynne said...

HI! It's your calendar swap mate and I love love love Ingrid Michaelson AND Nightswimming so this has me in tears at my desk.

Truly awesome indeed.

Red said...

Amy I'm so glad you like it. Ingrid is in my top 5.
I hope you like our blog. I am excited about our calendar swap.