Monday, January 3, 2011

Love Affair with Gold

It is amazing how our opinions change. As I get older, am exposed to new ideas, different people and just learn more about myself I find it interesting how things I used to hate I now love.  I was struck by how much gold I have been wearing.  I used to hate gold.  Gold anything.  Gold jewelry, gold frames, gold dinnerware, anything gold. And yet as I look back at last week I found myself wearing a new gold shirt I got for Christmas, gold earrings (several times) and necklace I purchased several months ago and I was even tempted by some gold heels I saw at the store Saturday.  Sadly, I did not purchase the glittery goddesses for I have a strict "no shoe buying" rule for the next few months (I may have gone a little crazy this last year on shoes), but I was very tempted to say the least.  Call it a trend or call it infatuation, but I have found myself in a love affair with the color gold.  I actually prefer to say that my taste buds have matured.  So what better to help a recovering addict then to post some on my resent gold obsessions.

Can't wait to hang this Easter card my mom had framed for me
 (The card was my Grandmother's)

These gold based cups and carafes from Design Within Reach

Bowl from Tse & Tse

These are true shoe love

Anthropologie Measuring cups, really

Love local jewelry artist Katie Waltman
This necklace is on her Etsy shop

Just saw this today on Creature Comfort. So want this journal

Last but not least, my Grandmother's gold frame board.  
She used to have all the grandkid photos hanging in it. Someday, I will have the perfect place to put it.

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