Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Satellite Image Prints

A friend in my design class showed me Jenny Odell's satellite prints  and I was instantly fascinated by them, especially because she has a Great Salt Lake print.  Each of the prints was created by using satellite images of objects such as swimming pools, freeway, parking lots or boats.  Below were a few of my favorites, but check out more on her website.  Also check out her other work including the amusing book, Travel by Approximation, based on the road trip she took virtually or her SketchtypeTM fonts.

125 American Swimming Pools

81 Square Miles of the Great Salt Lake
(each square represents exactly one square mile of the lake)

Approximately 1,326 Grain Silos, Water Towers, and Other Cylindrical-Industrial Buildings


D.A. Hunter said...

This reminds me of Florian Pucher's Landcarpets. They're fashioned after areal views of Europe, Africa, the Netherlands, and the States.

Brunette said...

I just ran into those carpets the other day via some design blog. They are awesome! I want one of my home town or something.