Friday, October 8, 2010

Found on Etsy: Mushrooms

Yes! Mushrooms! I have always hated the taste of mushrooms, but recently I tried them again. Not bad when cooked in a pool of butter and garlic. Despite my dislike for mushroom taste I do enjoy their shape. So why mushrooms. Well, on my recent trip to Germany I purchased a hand turned wood mushroom carving and I have been drawing some mushrooms in my design class, so they are on my mind. Check out what you can do with the mushroom.

  1. Mushrooms Coin Purse
  2. Mushroom Pewter Door Knob
  3. Victorian Mushroom Fungi Illustration
  4. Hand Turned Wood Mushroom (Just like my Germany one)
  5. Mushroom Art Home Decor
  6. Mushroom Apron
  7. Mushroom Cookie Cutter
  8. Mushroom Ponytail Holders
  9. Mosaic Red Mushrooms

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