Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Concert Roundup

Good morning fall. Thank you for bringing us a delicious bout' of musical delights. I appreciate the concern for my cultural well being.

Upcoming bands visiting us til' the end of October:

FUN: October 16, In the Venue $15

Did any of you become diehard fans of The Format in college like me? Did you find yourself screaming "....she says she's leaving on a Sunday. I don't care, I need to know where to turn..." on a summer's eve with the windows rolled down nightly when your good ol' Dashboard just didn't cut into your lonely heart like it needed to? Well so did I, until they ripped that heart right out of my chest and broke up.

This is the aftermath. A new collaboration from The Format's frontman Nate Ruess and the songwriting skills of Steel Train's Jack Antonoff and Anathallo's Andrew Dost. It's not quite the same as my uber delicious pop The Format but it'll do.

Blitzen Trapper: October 19, 7 pm Urban Lounge $12

If you haven't heard the illustrious alt-country experimental pop that is the BT than make sure to get yourself to their show next week. Although the Urban Lounge is quite honestly one of my least favorite venues (can we say horrible sound mixing, and the excessive amounts of drunks that ALWAYS get in fights?) I will be sure to venture over because my devotion for Blitzen is real. And I have never seen them live. Even though they have frequented SLC quite often.

Jonsi: October 22, 7 pm The Complex $23

Go the solo album of Jonsi (from Sigur Ros) will blow your mind. Go--->listen to it right now. Not quite pop, rock, electronic, but a gorgeous collaboration of it all, this album leaves nothing to be desired.

Never seen anything at The Complex though... anyone know anything about this venue?

The Weepies: October 23, 7 pm The State Room $Sold Out

This husband and wife duo haven't toured since 2006 so no wonder it is sold out. Worth scrounging around on KSL or Craigslist for a ticket though, I can assure you. And plus it is at The State Room which is by far my favorite venue...

Of Montreal: October 25, 7 pm In the Venue

Why does the cold countries bring us the best indie pop? Norway's best for sure...

I keep listening to "Gronlandic Edit" over and over and over....

Ingrid Michaelson: October 26, 7 pm In the Venue

With her new single "Parachute" out and about, Ingrid has once again convinced BBR that she is the queen of girl-pop-lyricist-mastermind-pianist genre and our go to girl for road trips, sob sessions, work commutes, apartment cleanings, camping trips, workouts, etc. Did I miss anything?

Seen her twice and still going back for more. Come on, you know you want to join the cult. It's impossible to stay away.

Anything I missed?


Blonde said...

Oh The Format! You broke my heart when you went away. But these other bands are sure to fill that void, right?

Brunette said...

i wish. I have been trying ever since but only ingrid managed to come close

Tracy said...

It's also important to note that sharing the night with Of Montreal will be Janelle Monae, who is ridiculously adorable and incredible talented. If you're unfamiliar, go check out her video for "Tightrope" And since The Weepies are sold out October 23rd, head over to Morning Benders instead!

Anonymous said...

of Montreal is from Athens, GA not some far away cold place.... just an FYI. They are/were an original elephant 6 band. All solidly American pop. :)