Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds: Etsy and The Mustache

This is for Heidikins. She liked the mustache necklace so much (I'm assuming from her comment with the XOXO) I decided to dedicate this week's Etsy finds to Heidikins' love of facial hair and search for the best Etsy has to offer of The Mustache.
Oh and needless to say this is just a sample of the stache offerings. You can find the little lip tickler on everything from mugs to t-shirts to underpants (the underpants made me giggle and a little scared, but it isn't included below because we're keeping this PG).

  1. Neck and Lip Warmer
  2. Shave That Stache
  3. Drop a Note (Stache)
  4. Moosestache
  5. For the Little Mustache
  6. Mustache Anytime and Anyplace

1 comment:

heidikins said...

Awww, I mustachio post! Love it! I can't get over the little booties and would like them in my size. :)