Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat SLC: The Park Cafe

Last summer a friend and I went to lunch and he introduced me to The Park Cafe. We sat out on the porch on a beautiful summer afternoon eating our omelets over looking Liberty Park.
Today we headed back to The Park for another round. I ordered the banana pancakes (feeling very Jack Johnson today). They had 2 options: short stack or tall stack. I am not a huge meal type so I ordered the short stack. Short is a fair description for the pancake's height, but not their overall size. These things were HUGE. Two banana pancakes arrive and completely cover our table (ok maybe not the table, but my entire plate). Needless to say I only ate one (even with the help of my friend). Large helpings are not uncommon at The Park. Food is diner style, simple and delicious.

My Banana Pancake Goodness
The Park Cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch and is located across the street from Liberty Park. Play ultimate frisbee at the park in the morning then head over to the cafe for a Spanish Omelet or Michigan Hash.
It is always busy, but the wait for a table is fairly short. The atmosphere is lively and chill. Chill in the fact that you pick your own seat and menus are placed under glass on the table. You will get good service, but they won't bother you a lot which is something I love. Tables are close together, but it just adds to the relaxed urban feel. Great place to hang out with a few close friends.
Don't go if you are an uptight diner, want servers to ask you "if everything is good" every 2 seconds, need your meat cut for you, or if you are bothered by the guy next to you who may have just been playing ultimate frisbee at Liberty Park.
Join their facebook page and see daily specials before you go.

The Park Cafe
604 E 1300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Hours: Daily 7am-3pm

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