Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't steal my lunch!

It has been a long time since someone stole my lunch from the work refrigerator.  The last time was a "so-called" rescue attempt.  Blonde thought she was saving my life by stealing my Red Bull and maybe she was.  Needless to say I have since stopped drinking Red Bull and there are no more 36 hour no-sleep marathons.
So what should you do if you suffer from my-lunch-is-always-missing syndrome and the reason is not a concern for your life (because really can you fault them for being heroic)?  I'd recommend picking up a few of these Anti-Theft Lunch Bags. No one will want to touch your lunch if it looks like you are a careless chef who has let a thick layer of green fuzz consume your turkey sandwich.


Blonde said...

I didn't just think I was saving your life. I did save your life. You're alive, aren't you?

Red said...

Uncontrollable shaking is completely normal. I don't know why you were so concerned. :)