Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My week at the movies

Last week was the week of movies for me.  From Monday to Saturday a total of 5 movies.  I love movies, but in the last year I haven't been going out to them as often.  Well, I made up for it this week.   It started...

Monday - Chick flick with the ladies
How Do You Know staring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd.  It was funny in an awkward way.  And this song from the movie explains exactly what I mean.

Tuesday - The long awaited movie
"127 Hours" staring James Franco.  Ok I am not giving away anything in this movie, because it is a true story and it happened in Utah, so you all know what happens.  The story of Aron Ralston cutting off his own arm in Moab to save his life is one of those shocking and incredible events.  I have been wanting to see this movie for months.  Everyone kept talking about it and everyone was talking about the scene he cuts off his arm.  The scene was so hyped up that I felt it was less graphic then I had prepared myself for, but be warned people have fainted watching that scene.
Danny Boyle (director of my favorite movie, Slumdog Millionaire) did an amazing job with this movie.  James Franco was perfect.  127 Hours had my heart pounding and twisting and turning in my seat the entire movie.  Run out and see it.  Pay full price.  See it again at the dollar show, redbox it and buy it.   Here is the trailer.

Wednesday - Staying in
"Despicable Me" staring the vocal talents of Steve Carell.  This movie was deliciously funny.  But honestly Agnes stole the show.  Just one scene that made me giggle.

Friday - THIS IS IT
Yes, after months of having this on the Netflix que, I finally watched Micheal Jackson's This Is It. My favorite section was from "The Drill" sequence (see a clip below).

Saturday - Put them up
The Fighter staring Mark Walhberg and Christian Bale.  Fantastic acting (Christian Bale even got down the voice).  Interesting characters (The family is crazy).  True story (Great 90s clothing and hair).  It was emotional, intense and triumphant.  I was laughing and there may have even been some arms raised in excitement on a few occasions.  Check out the trailer.


Melanie said...

New reader here. I just recently saw Despicable Me for the first time and loved it; Agnes definitely does steal the show.

I once sat through a church meeting where the speaker described the arm cutting incident in minute detail (no idea what the spiritual correlation was supposed to be). About half the congregation was ready to faint right then and there.

Red said...

Melanie , welcome to the blog. We hope you enjoy it. And that would be the most awkward church meeting.