Monday, January 10, 2011

Ace of Cakes pt. 2

Ta da! I think I have graduated to the 3 of clubs on my journey up the playing card catalog. Though this cake is nothing spectacular, it has most definitely exceeded my own expectations for having taken one class in cake decorating. This cake was made especially to practice my new skills.

In class number one (four classes total for the beginner session) we learned how to bake a good cake and make good icing. Those are two very essential points in good cake decorating. My friend and I also learned that these Wilton cake decorating classes are like a Wilton infomercial. And since I get sucked into infomercials very easily, I now want every bit of cake decorating utensil Wilton has to offer (my birthday is in a couple of months, just a heads up).
Notice the Christmas cookies I chose to bring to decorate
(90% off at Target, couldn’t pass that up)
And then we got to practice making stars on a practice board, and then on a real cookie. This was a very exciting moment in my life.

chocolate star-o-rama

And so, to practice my new skills some more, I made a cake. At first I was worried because the cake did not have a desirable start and I was afraid my old cake decorating luck would stick with me throughout the rest of my life.

oh dear

Fortunately, I was undaunted by the unwillingness of my cake and my stamina proved to make it somewhat decent-looking.


Neesha said...

Is 3 of clubs better than 2 of clubs? In the game, Shanghai, a 2 of clubs is wild, so I like them more than a 3 of clubs. Your star cake (regardless of face card hierarchy) is more aesthetically pleasing, so I like to look at it more. How do they taste?

Jannifer said...

Yay for cake decorating classes! I'm pretty sure you are on your way to professional cake decorating status. Also, could you lay out the complete hierarchy scale of playing cards? I think we should use it more.