Thursday, February 3, 2011

Give a listen to The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars' new album, Barton Hollow was just released this week. It is a must buy and I am sure it will be on my best of 2011 list. Check out songs "I've Got This Friend" and "Dance Me to the End of Love."
Joy Williams and John Paul White meet at a writers workshop and I am very good they did. Their voices seem made for each other. It is a delicious blend like rich creamy cheese cake with a little dab of raspberries and chocolate. They have so much fun on stage, you can tell they really enjoy performing. The Civil Wars played at The State Room here in Salt Lake City two weeks ago. Performing songs from their EP, their new album and even did a few classic covers (check out videos below).

Joy has an infectious smile and bright personality. She instantly connects with the audience. You feel like one of her best friends. Her voice is so beautiful and rich and she had us laughing the entire evening.
Johnny Depp or John Paul White?

I loved watching John Paul sing. He had a way of moving his lips and mouth almost exaggerating the motion with little affect to the sound being produced. The best way I can explain it is yawning. When you yawn your face, mouth and lips expand, but no sound is coming out. The sound coming from White's mouth didn't match the motion of his mouth which made him even more interesting to watch perform.
I would highly recommend grabbing The Civil Wars album Barton Hollow. Take a listen to the title track.

Giving you a glimpse of the concert check out these 2 videos...
First, a sweet cover of Billie Jean (not filmed at The State Room, but you get the idea).

Second, a song I grew up singing, "You Are My Sunshine", but The Civil Wars put a deeper dark twist to it.

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Thanks for sharing The Civil Wars, I'm loving their music!