Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Climbing Dream Chris Sharma

How do you celebrate turning 30 when you are a super famous, super rockin' rock climber? prAna creates a website dedicated to your life as a climber.  If you know climbing you probably know the name Chris Sharma. If you don't know climbing or Chris Sharma, here is your opportunity. Chris Sharma has been climbing for 17 years of his 30 year life and he is pretty good at it. As a little birthday gift prAna (one of his sponsors) created a Chris Anthology to collect videos, photos and articles published about him.

Isn't he darling

And hardcore

If you ever had a crush on a climber it would be Sharma (I do). You could spend hours watching the videos, reading the articles and ogling over the images of his climbing muscles (which I did). And luckily it wouldn't be a waste of time. Watching Chris climb will get your heart pounding and hands sweating.
Check out this video of his skills.

Or this 2010 bouldering competition

Happy Birthday Chris.  See more on prAna's Chris Sharma Anthology page. Also see a list of his big ascents on Wikipedia and Rock Climbing for Life.

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