Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome to our home

A view taken from a rooftop in the Aves

Well, hello there.

This is the new blog we just started. We are a
(BB&R for short) and the three of us live together in
(and yes, those are our natural hair colors). We love living in Salt Lake and taking advantage of all the activities and events this valley provides. We’re pretty willing to try just about anything albeit at different levels of enthusiasm. And this blog wants to tell you all about our
adventures and mishaps
while living here. We’ll be hiking, going to concerts, camping, dining, watching movies, reading books, visiting trademark Utah sites, cooking, crafting, eventing*, and pretty much anything else that we take a fancy to.

So, here we go.

*I made up the word eventing to mean that we’ll be going to events. And those events will be in and around the Salt Lake Valley. Side note: eventing kinda sounds like e-venting, like venting our frustrations electronically, which actually might happen, but that is not the definition for the word I just made up.