Friday, July 23, 2010

Bums and Beiruting

Don't be fooled by their nerdy appearence. Beirut rocks.

Last night Blonde and I along with some other delightfully joyous friends attended the Twilight Concert Series held this year in Pioneer Park (previously known as "homeless bum park").  Tantalizing our inner hipster we thoroughly enjoyed the talents and treats of one of my favorite-of-late bands Beirut.  With the change from Gallivan Center to Pioneer Park we were able to comfortably sway along with the thousands that chose to join our intimate party.

At the christening of this years concert series a few weeks ago, we (along with 55,000 other Utahns) desperately tried to enjoy the talents of Modest Mouse, and were thus encouraged to never again grace the TCS with our beer stained, bruised, and sweaty prescense.  It was downright awful.  For us non-drinker-smoker-all together non partiers spending the evening being breathed, grouped, and fondled was not appetizing to our concert loving tastes.  I left after 4 songs.  Yea.  It was horrific.

But, alas, Beirut's awesomeness won out and I dragged my recovering body down to the show and boy o' boy did they not dissapoint.  Seriously.  The polka, spanish, ukelele, upright piano, accordian styled tunes sweetened my soul and made everything perfect for an awesome summer evening. It dramatically changed the bitter parts of my heart that held such an awful grudge against the Twilight series.  Maybe the significantly smaller crowd helped, but altogether I was in smit.  Especially over the drummer. His happy-go-lucky-nerd-just-so-grateful-to-be-a-part-of-something-cool grin made me giggle.

If you are interested in attending one of the rest of the Twilight Series FREE concerts in Pioneer Park see the line up here.

She and Him

I'm gearing up for The New Pornographers and She and Him. Wanna join?

P.S. Can you remember just 3-I repeat three short years ago when we sat on the grass at the Gallivan Center and ate dinner whilst watching Andrew Bird?  Sigh...those were the days.