Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not So Silver Lake

Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon

This weekend was the 24th of July, and for those of you that aren't native Utahns we happily refer to it in my family as "Second 4th." Like second breakfast, or second helpings we can't get enough celebrating in with just our nation's holiday and just have to do it one more time. Really another excuse to break out the sparklers in our po-dunk-here town of Salt Lake City is reason enough for me. July 24th is officially a state holiday formulated to honor our pioneer heritage. It rivals most July 4th celebrations across the country. Our biggest parade downtown is on the 24th. People dress up in long sleeves and petticoats for fun. Festivals and the like abound. It's quite joyous.

My family often picnics it "ups dare in dem nature parts" to feel more at home with our pioneer ancestory. Well, if we had pioneer ancestors then we would feel that way. But, alas, we don't and so we just picnic while my dad tells pioneer stories that even those with relatives in them didn't know about. He is downright the most knowledgable man I know on the subject and as his children we have been blessed (and blessed, and blessed) with hearing these tales of woe. Maybe overcompensating for our immigration into this here blessed state of honey maybe?

Brunette's brother and girlfriend on the boardwalk

This year we chose Silver Lake. About 20 min east of SLC up Big Cottonwood Mountain at the base of Brighton Ski Resort lies this beaut. Lovely Lake. Really, just dashing with a real nice boardwalk to walk around. And after Brunette's Mum's Southern Fried Chicken for lunch we needed to run around it. Maybe 3 times, but we didn't. Instead we came back and had Oreo Cake. Scrumtrulescent I tell you.

Looked more brown than silver to me...

Directions to hike Silver Lake from SLC:
Take I-215 Eastbound, exit 6200 south. Head east and follow signs to Big Cottonwood Canyon and Brighton/Solitude Ski resorts. About 14.2 mi up the canyon it will turn into a one way loop and you will see the Silver Lake Visitors Center and trailhead on the right. This is also the trailhead for the ever popular Twin Lakes and Lake Solitude hikes.