Thursday, September 2, 2010

BBR Date Night

We had a little adventure this weekend which we like to call a blonde, brunette and a redhead date, BBR for short. Our lives have become very busy so we don't often get to spend time together. Last week we headed to the Salt Lake Art Center for some much needed bonding and a little golf practice.

"The Salt Lake Art Center is exhibiting Contemporary Masters: Artist-Designed Miniature Golf, 18 fully-playable works of contemporary art like you’ve never seen before. Contemporary Masters features original creations by top artists from Utah and around the nation that explore diverse ideas (the current immigration debate, the fragility of personal identity, and the meditative value of Donkey Kong) in equally diverse media, including woven fabrics, video installations, and shredded paper." —Art Center Web


Let's just say my long game is much better than my short game. I have always been horrible at minigolf. Turn minigolf into art and my skills remain subpar (yes I went there). The first hole was a par 1, it took me 2 shots. All I had to do was hit the ball and it would roll down the hill into the hole. There was no way to miss, but I did. Somehow my orange ball got stuck right next to the hole and didn't drop. There may have or may not have been several holes I just simply gave up and dropped my ball into the hole. Cheating, I think not. I prefer to think of it as helping move the game along.

All in all, I thought it was a creative exhibit idea to get visitors more involved in the art (literally). If we were going to have a rating system on our blog, I'd give it 4.5 stars (-.5 star because you had to wear booties which were not fun with flipflops) or 2 thumbs up (you can't do a half a thumb, that is weird).


WHAT??? Miniature Golf made by ARTISTS? (Rub my eyes, clean out my ears, wet my whistle...) When I heard of this awesomeness I could not contain myself. Truly this would have been my dream date. And sadly I went with my roommates (sorry ladies) so there was no immediete falling-in-lovage that quite possibly could have incurred if a gentleman caller had been smart enough to take me to this glorious place first. Really. I love love loved it, and was intrigued by all the creative genius that went behind this concept. My game started off really strong (I am the most competitive of the bunch) but soon I lost interest in winning and gained more interest in enjoying and critiquing the work that went into the show/installation/general awesomeness. (Ok I really like the word awesome...I know) Anyways, I would definitely give it an enthusiastic two thumbs up and 5 whole stars because unlike Redhead, I thought the booties were RAD.


This was fun. Really fun. And not just because I won. It doesn't matter, I won by infinity. There are two holes that have par infinity. And amazing as it is, it took me just 2 strokes to get my ball in the hole at the Donkey Kong exhibit. Wow, the luck I had! and I turned to Brunette to have her share in my joy and it she hadn't seen it, neither had Redhead. Much disappointment because there is no way to verify this amazing feat. Just know that it is true my friends, it is true.

I give it 4.5 stars as well, for the bootie factor. I understand the need for the booties, but that didn't make them less annoying. Maybe if you don't wear flip-flops you can love it as much as Brunette, but Redhead and I were both sporting the casual footwear that placed the booties at their current state of annoying. Other than the bootie kerfuffle, I quite enjoyed myself.

Salt Lake Art Center: Contemporary Golf Exhibit
20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Regular Hours:
Tuesday–Thursday: 11 am–6 pm
Friday: 11 am–9 pm
Saturday: 11 am–6 pm