Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UV Protection

Could you be my new sunglasses?
I used to have several pairs of sunglasses. The "cute driving" glasses, the "sporty athletic" glasses, the "co-pilot" glasses (for the co-pilot in the car who is supposed to keep me from getting lost or falling asleep—the glasses are a token of my appreciation), the "I got them forever ago and I thought they were really funny" extra pair of glasses and even recently I purchased another pair of "cute driving" glasses. So you would think that I would never go without eye protection. Well, I have. I got rid of the extra pair because really they were just silly (grandmother's glasses with painted tropical scenes around the frames). Not sure who took the co-pilot sunglasses, but they are gone (the glasses are only for your use while you are in my car, don't steal). I broke the new pair of cute driving glasses in Germany (luckily they lasted the entire trip). And just last week my last cute driving sunglasses were stepped on and broken.
Luckily I have my sporty glasses left, right? Well, sort of. I left those sunglasses at a friend's almost a month ago and haven't had time to drive down there to pick them up.
So basically, I'm in the market for some great eye protection. Here are some of my favorites:
I like color.
Red for Red. Maybe?