Friday, August 27, 2010

Bike Love in Utah

I am a big cycling fan. I got my first road bike 3 years ago. I have rented and watched all the Lance Armstrong Tour de France years (these are highlight reels from the 7 yrs Lance won The Tour). And I have ridden over 100 miles in one seating (not that impressive to biking folk, but I thought it was good).
Last week the Tour of Utah was making it's way around the state. The Tour of Utah is one of the most difficult stage races in the States. And the reason for its difficulty is the elevation. Not only the high altitude in which we live, but the elevation changes the riders encounter on each stage. The race starts with a Prologue. Luckily the course was right by my house so I was able to check out a few minutes of the race. The Prologue is a 2.8 mile time trial around the Memory Grove/City Creek Canyon loop. The racing was fast. These guys were probably going 35–40 mph at some points in the race.
Too fast for my camera.

The next few stages took the riders from Ogden to the U of U, down to Mt. Nebo and around Park City. The must-see stage was Stage 5 which finished at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon at Snowbird Resort. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend Stage 5.
But there is always a silver lining. The good news of all this racing through Utah was my favorite bald bicyclist, Levi Leipheimer, who won the yellow jersey (overall leader). Congrats Levi (I love the bald men).
Next year my plan is to be independently wealthy so I can quit my job and follow every stage of the Tour of Utah (among other things).

Photo courtesy SL Trib